Entrepreneurship & Business Development

Whether we are assisting with exploring new markets or developing and launching new programs, products, and services, our customized entrepreneurship pre and post investment support equip businesses with proven techniques and capabilities that systematically generate value, resulting in real impact within relevant communities.

Efikas has developed core social entrepreneurship & economic development solutions for startups and established companies.

These solutions, which include essential industry frameworks, processes, mentorship, tools, along with consultancy and management advisory in various industries and locations, are strategically designed to help companies build their capacities to define and discover.

Developing social entrepreneurship abilities and impact strategies for socially conscious businesses is at the core of what we do.

We are dedicated to helping

social entrepreneurs solve the

world’s greatest challenges!

1. Research & data

Our team will provide you with the data and insights that will help you evaluate how you can best take advantage of opportunities. We gather, analyze, and provide you with the right information so that you have a complete understanding of your business decisions.

2. Strategy & implementation

Our team is ready to help turn your great ideas into successful ventures. We will work with you to help you develop or enhance your strategies, business plans and business models to position you for maximum success. Once those strategized are formulated and evaluated, we can work with you and become an extended member of your organization so that we can make sure that those strategies are properly executed and implemented. The extent of our involvement is all up to you, you can simply rely on us for a particular segment or phase or we can work with you from inception to completion of your venture.

From strategic plans and blueprints development to market & business expansion, management & C-Suite development, alliances and partnerships (i,e., public-private partnerships (PPPs) structuring, legal and business entities incorporation & restructuring, operational & sustainability frameworks, investments and capital raising strategies and program/product/service development and launch, we can help you develop and implement your social innovation and entrepreneurs objectives.

3. Innovation & entrepreneurship

training & workshops

Our innovation and entrepreneurship training programs bring together our unique real-world experiences to address your specific business needs.

We are committed to empowering you with the necessary skills so that you innovate and build your entrepreneurial capacity to start, scale and grow your business and create sustainable and impactful ventures.

We offer virtual and onsite one-on-one as well as small groups sessions. All of our workshops are always led by practitioners with extensive hands-on experience in the respective subject matter and industry.

Some of our most popular innovation & entrepreneurship training and workshops focus on:


  • Understanding the innovation & entrepreneurial process, what does it take?
  • Ideation, concept generation and opportunity identification
  • Building capacities for effective pitch to investors and other stakeholders
  • Effective frameworks and methodologies for developing business models and strategies
  • Business law: regulation and industry expectations, including taxes and compliance
  • Business resilience: effective business continuity and emergency strategies and frameworks

We’d love to become part of your success. Get in touch with us!