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Our North America Capabilities

Houston is  the most diverse city in the USA as well as the energy capital of the world. So, with our headquarter in Houston, Texas, we serve both national and multinational clients from government agencies to Fortune 500 firms and emerging small businesses with a range of activities.


Africa is a major market for us particularly with energy, sustainability, infrastructure, and economic development initiatives. We have strategic alliances with key resources throughout the continent of Africa, so we are equipped to offer the necessary local and international perspectives and insights.


Comprised of some of the top American and international lawyers with backgrounds from leading global law firms and corporations in addition to our well experienced professionals across other disciplines, our North America team is particularly strong with corporate and regulatory governance, compliance, international trade, ESG, finance, private equity, M&A and complex local and cross border transactions.

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Our Latin America – Caribbean Capabilities

With an office located in Lima Peru, in addition to an extensive support network of consultants and strategic partners throughout the region, Efikas is unique in providing integrated working perspectives from both U.S. and Latin America-Caribbean platforms. All our regional consultants are fluent in Spanish and English, among other languages like French and Portuguese. Our team has in-depth experience and insights of assisting local and foreign companies with their transactions; with emphasis on finance,  accounting, tax, regulatory, ESG, energy, mining and infrastructure matters.


Many of our Latin America-Caribbean team members are actively working with and advising policy makers on various public and private collaborative engagements concerning regulations and governance policies at the local and national levels in key areas within the region.


One of our main focus with these engagements is to help both the private and public sectors understand and develop the necessary infrastructures, guidelines and best practices strategically designed to create a more resilient and sustainable balance between the international expectations and the realities of the cultural and resource-availability of the local communities.


“One-size fits all,” approach is just not effective. So, we focus on customizing the global expectations to fit, the local needs and resources.

Latin America-Caribbean Practice Primary Contact


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Our European Capabilities

Having a presence in Norway is an increased value creation for our clients. This presence enables Efikas to be at the forefront of the one of the most prominent players shaping the sustainability future. Both regionally and globally when it comes to innovation, technology and sustainability, Norway is leading the transition in setting the trends and priorities.


The network of our global team across US, Norway and Latin America allow us to enable you to think international and still act local.


Led by a prominent international sustainability commercial engineer, Svein, our Europe  presence enables us to better fulfil our sustainability commitment to our clients by providing them the most relevant and up to date insights, from different perspectives.


This is how we help our clients become more effective to seize opportunities and excel within their constraints.

European Practice Primary Contact


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